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Blue House and Bridge
23 December 2009

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Endangered Species
30 November 2009

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29 May 2008

Recent Comments

Abena on Red White and Blue
Super expressive image and intriguing text you write below, thought provoking, I actually have the similar opinion of ...

l'angevine on Red White and Blue
de l'eau pour un feu incendie..les deux couleurs représentent bien cette borne d'eau

Ziren on West Texas Through the Windshield 1
thank you for inspiring me with your interesting style!

joshi daniel on Rex
really huge ;)

Harry on Rex
Fun shot!

Daryl Johnson on Rex
Is that a car showroom? Or someone's nightmare...?

B. Thomas on Whitetail Deer Strike a Pose
Beautiful light. This looks like a fine art print.

Daryl Johnson on Whitetail Deer Strike a Pose
...and nice to see you by the way!

Daryl Johnson on Whitetail Deer Strike a Pose
Gorgeous! So proud... love the processing.

Brat | RCA on Whitetail Deer Strike a Pose
interesting shot!

Mariana M. on Whitetail Deer Strike a Pose
beautiful . they are like two models ;)

Francisco Romero on Whitetail Deer Strike a Pose
Excellent image!

Sandy on Lizard Love
now that is a awesome capture!

Sandy on Morning Pine

Sandy on Midnight Cowboy
love the double shadow capture!

Sandy on Telringua Cemetery
That is awesome! Well done!

Sandy on Doe
oh lovely!

Sandy on Snubnose
Very nice Twelve Bit! How have you been?

Bron on Snubnose
Interesting but ominous..

Frédéric on Young Lions
Great photo ! Very funny with beautiful expressions of children. Congratulations for your gallery. You have talent. ...

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Snubnose
The man with the golden gun.

joshi daniel on Snubnose
superb lighting :)

Daryl Johnson on Snubnose
Dramatic stuff.

Michael Fresh on Snubnose
Cold shivers, I'm looking down a barrel :0

omid on Snubnose
very nice!!!!

Mariana M. on P08
fabulous texture and details ! love these tones.

omid on West Texas Through the Windshield 1
wooow! very nice!!! so beautiful colors & lights!

omid on P08
wooow! very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Fresh on Doe
She knows you are there

joshi daniel on West Texas Through the Windshield 1
beautiful road!

joshi daniel on Doe
it merges so well with the foreground!

Daryl Johnson on Telringua Cemetery
A nostalgic feel to this, feeling of being 'sunbaked'; cinematic shot!

Ana Lúcia on Doe
Great catch.

Sujith on West Texas Through the Windshield 1
good shot.

Baldwin J on West Texas Through the Windshield 1
nicely done...

klausZ on West Texas Through the Windshield 1
like your "style", great!

Curly on West Texas Through the Windshield 1
Fabulous gritty sort of feel.

Soheil on West Texas Through the Windshield 1
nice shot i like it

Jaytee on West Texas Through the Windshield 1
This is really cool. Well done.

Tom on Telringua Cemetery
Nice colors, great composition.

Curly on Print
Amazing warm atmosphere, nice view.

joshi daniel on Print
loved the golden color and textures! happy new year :)

Michael Fresh on Gorilla
He's just a big ape :0

Daryl Johnson on STOP
A cinematic quality... very nice...

Daryl Johnson on Gorilla
Don't make eye contact... Still without internet at new place, sorry I haven't checked in with you for a ...

joshi daniel on Gorilla
hope it wont attack :p

Peter on Grand Brothers
Interesting photo. Was in the USA? and what kind of magazine are they holding in their hands?

Daryl Johnson on Grand Brothers
A great memento - it's scanned very well too, good that you can get these digitally archived.

Mariana M. on Grand Brothers
wow... this is an amazing old picture, and so well done .

Michael Fresh on Morning Pine
I was also going through my archive and found your comment strangely it was snow and ice too. I like the colours in ...

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